Flatwork Folder

With the continuous increase of labor costs, Xiaoya has designed and produced this flatwork folder to provide more solutions for the laundry business. This bedsheet folding machine can fulfill the whole folding job, reducing labor costs. Being the first manufacturer of folders nationwide, Xiaoya went one step further to make the first ironer machine do continuous batch folding, tremendously increasing productivity.

Features of the Flatwork Folder

1. Higher Efficiency and Lower Labor Cost
The design of this commercial folder ensures it can be used in a wide range of applications. When the folder is connected to an ironing machine, ironed flatworks requiring no folding will be directly delivered for stacking while other garments will be folded according to the settings. In this way, the flatwork folder significantly promotes the working efficiency and reduces labor. Four or five folds are optional based upon specific requirements. Xiaoya's folders are guaranteed to work well in any laundry service room.

2. Smart Design
1) Highly Intelligent Folding

This laundry folder is designed with advanced photocells, a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) system and a micro-computer control system so it functions well as an industrial folding device. By simulating manual folding actions, it finishes all folding jobs precisely with the help of pneumatic and photocell control mechanisms. Equipped with premium components, this flatwork folder is highly stable and efficient in operation.

2) Multiple Options for Folds
3, 4 and 5 folds (2 longitudinal folds and 3 cross folds included) are optional upon customers' requirements.

3) Max Folding Width and Length
The max folding width is up to 3,300mm and length up to 4,000mm.

3. Reliable Operation with High Precision
1) Patented device, increasing folding precision;
2) Pneumatic blowing device used for the first 2 longitudinal folds and mechanical device used for the 3 cross-folds, making the folder applicable for linens with different thicknesses;
3) Large VFD display provides easy operation; multi-folding settings available based on different requirements;
4) Heavy duty frame, ensuring stable and efficient operation of the folding machine;
5) Antistatic device, ensuring high adaptability of the machine to varied working conditions, especially dry environments or when handling synthetic textiles;
6) Self-diagnosis function, simplifying maintenance;
7) Synchronous transmission, ensuring low noise, stable folding operation and minimum maintenance.

4. Standard Features of Flat Folder
1) Easy to operate with computer control;
2) Reliable and energy-saving operation achievable by photoelectric and variable frequency control;
3) Heavy duty frame ensures extra long service life;
4) Up to 5 precise folds, the most folds nationwide;
5) Batch ironing and folding feasible through the connection with ironer;
6) Max folding width up to 3,300mm;
7) 4 or 5 folds optional.

Technical Specifications of the Flatwork Folder
Model No. Unit ZD3000V ZD3300V
Qty. of Folds folds 5 5
Qty. of Folding layer layers 25 (32) 25 (32)
Max. Folding Width mm 3000 3300
Range of Folding Length mm 1000~3000 1000~3600
Working Speed Range m/min ≤ 50 ≤ 50
Working Capacity (for bed sheets) piece/h 480 480
AC Voltage V 380/415V 380/415V
Line Frequency Hz 50 50
Phase P 3 3
Motor Power kW 1.55 1.55
Compressed Air pressure Mpa 0.5~0.7 0.5~0.7
Compressed Air Inlet mm Φ10 Φ10
Compressed Air Consumption L/h 300 340
Width mm 4090 4390
Depth mm 3260 3260
Height mm 1600 1600
Net Weight Kg 1400 1500
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