Form Finisher

Our form finisher consists of a frame, pressing structure, electrical box, and pedal clamp. It processes western-styled garments such as jackets, shirts, sweaters and skirts. Because of its reliable performance, this commercial laundry equipment is ideal for laundromats, hotels, hospitals, and garment factories. considered choice laundry equipment for

Features of the Form Finisher
1. DLC Computer Control and Excellent Ironing Performance
This laundry equipment is controlled manually or by DLC computer. With specially designed working procedures, it perfectly irons garments despite their thickness or complicated textures or patterns;

2. Wider Size Range
Designed to be adjustable for air pressure, shoulder width, waist, hipline, lap and fly height, this finishing equipment can iron different sized clothing, including smaller garments like children's clothes.

3. Well-Designed Steam Circuit
This garment finisher's professional design of the steam circuit ensures uniform steaming.

Specification of the Form Finisher
Model No. Unit ZTR
Steam pressure Mpa 0.3~0.5
Steam consumption Kg/h 15~20
Power supply V/Ph/Hz 380/3/50
Motor power kW 0.75
Dimension mm 1600×560×1080
Net weight kg 140
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