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Finishing Equipment

    1. Form Finisher

      Laundry equipment is controlled manually or by DLC computer. With specially designed working procedures, it perfectly irons garments despite their thickness or complicated textures or patterns.

    1. Spotting Table

      Spotting table is a common finishing equipment for drying cleaning. This stain removal table is equipped with a spot-removing jet gun and a hot air gun. Guns of this steam spotting system are easy to hold, with a sensitive touch button.

    1. Ironing Table (with Steam Iron)

      Ironing board is widely used for finishing polyester fiber, cotton and sweaters. With a slim design, easy operation and ideal ventilation system, this industrial steam ironing board meets customer requirements.

    1. Steam Press

      Multipurpose press consists of a bottom seat, frame, operation station, upper ironing table, lower ironing table, pneumatic steam valve, pedal switch, cylinder and spring assembly. It finishes all kinds of dry garments.