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Commercial Laundry Equipment

    1. Washer Extractor

      Max. Dry Weight Capacity: 30/70 kg/lbs
      Drum Diameter: 890mm
      Washing Speed: 40RPM
      Electricity consumption (steam heated model): 0.65 kW /cycle

    1. Tumble Dryer

      Tumble dryer is a stainless steel clothes dryer that comes with three optional heating modes: steam, electric and gas heating. Given its good drying performance, this dryer has become an ideal substitute for steam dryers, electric dryers and gas dryers.

    1. Cylinder Heated Drying Ironer

      Cylinder heated drying ironer is a well designed laundry equipment for industrial applications. High quality stainless steel cylinders are adopted for the machine to ensure its reliable performance, long life span, and high heat conduction efficiency, improves the ironing speed.

    1. Chest Heated Ironer

      Compared to traditional segmented ironers, this commercial ironing machine has a faster heat transmission and more uniform surface temperature, which ensure a fast ironing speed and excellent ironing effect.

    1. Flatwork Folder

      Max. Folding Width: 3000mm
      Range of Folding Length: 1000~3000mm
      Working Speed Range: ≤ 50 m/min
      Working Capacity (for bed sheets): 480 piece/h

    1. Dry Cleaning Machine

      Dry Weight Capacity: 10/22 kg/lbs
      Drum Diameter: 850 mm
      Drum Depth: 300 mm
      Under-Tank Volume: 132 dm3
      Washing Speed: 42 rpm

    1. Finishing Equipment

      Laundry equipment is controlled manually or by DLC computer. With specially designed working procedures, it perfectly irons garments despite their thickness or complicated textures or patterns.

Our commercial laundry equipment is categorized as either washing machines or dry cleaning equipment.

Washing Machines
Our multi-functional laundry machines include automatic washer-extractors, dryers, ironers and folders, all of which can be used for household, commercial and industrial applications to clean sheets, quilt covers, bath towels, and clothes. As commercial laundry machines, they are frequently used in the following industries:

Tourism Industry: used for bedding, tablecloths, uniforms, and other textiles on cruise ships and in guesthouses and hotels
Energy and Mining Industries: heavy duty cleaning of work clothes in the oil, coal, and ore mining industries
Food and Electronic Industries: used for cleaning and drying worker wear
Transportation Industry: used for cleaning bedding and seat covers in the railway, road, and aviation industries
Dyeing and Apparel Factories: used for cleaning cloth before and after the manufacturing process
Military and Policing Industries: cleaning bedding and uniforms
Laundry Industry: cleaning, drying, ironing and folding textile items

Dry Cleaning Equipment
Xiaoya is a professional commercial appliance supplier with over 30 years of experience. Based on our strong R&D and manufacturing capacity, we have developed several classic automatic dry cleaning machines widely used by those in the dry cleaning industry, such as the automatic hydrocarbon dry cleaning machine, full closed PERC dry cleaning machine, finishing equipment like figure finishers, spot table, ironing table, and laundry press.

Our quality dryers and ironers have the option of three heat supplying methods-steam heating, electric heating and gas heating. Gas heating models in particular help customers reduce their energy consumption and investment in purchasing boilers, creating a safer and more eco-friendly environment.