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Island Freezer (Narrow, Double Sided)

Style: Indiana
Established in 1979, Xiaoya has grown into a professional manufacturer that provides a variety of refrigeration equipment for the retail industry. Among our freezer cabinets, this island freezer is a narrow, double-sided refrigerated display cabinet used for food that is 1530mm in width and designed with two sliding glass covers at each side.

This chiller cabinet, which has a shapely design and reliable refrigeration performance, comes in two models-a standard night curtain model and an energy-saving sliding glass door freezer. Multiple options for major components are available.

Night Curtain Model
Sliding Glass Cover Model

Standard Options for Island Freezer
Cover: night curtain or sliding glass cover (front-back moving);
Top shelf: without top shelf, 1 tier and 2 tiers can be added;
Shelf lighting: no shelf light, 1 tier or 2 tiers added at T8 fluorescent;
Optional Inner divider, painted wire;
End panel: PU-glass end panel, PU end panel;
Available plastic price-tag;
Defrost: electrical heater;
Controller: CAREL brand, Easy series;
Expansion Valve: DANFOSS, balance mechanical thermal expansion valve;
Fan motor: EBM, conventional energy efficiency;
Refrigerant: R404a;
Color: RAL standard;

Specifications of Island Freezer
1. Night Curtain Model Island Freezer

Case Length Cover Option Model Number Dimension, mm Display Area, m2 Capacity, dm3
18 (1875mm) Night Curtain DD-E7YD-F183Y-01 1875x1530x950 2.45 803
25 (2500mm) Night Curtain DD-E7YD-F253Y-01 2500x1530x950 3.64 1,070
37 (3750mm) Night Curtain DD-E7YD-F373Y-01 3750x1530x950 5.39 1,605
End Case (1100mm) Night Curtain DD-E7YF-F143Y-01 1530x1100x950 1.33 427
2. Sliding Glass Cover Island Freezer
Case Length Cover Option Model Number Dimension, mm Display Area, m2 Capacity, dm3
18 (1875mm) Sliding Glass Cover DD-E7YD-F183Q-01 1875x1530x1001 2.42 803
25 (2500mm) Sliding Glass Cover DD-E7YD-F253Q-01 2500x1530x1001 3.24 1,070
37 (3750mm) Sliding Glass Cover DD-E7YD-F373Q-01 3750x1530x1001 4.83 1,605
End Case (1100mm) Sliding Glass Cover DD-E7YF-F143Q-01 1530x1100x1000 1.11 427
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