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Island Freezer (Super Wide, Double Sided)

Style: Washington
Xiaoya's super wide island freezer for refrigeration and display of frozen foods is 2,030mm in width and designed with glass covers at each side. Two models are now available for this double sided refrigerated display cabinet-the standard night curtain model and the energy-saving sliding glass cover model. As with our other retail display fridges, this super wide fridge freezer is ideal for supermarkets and chain stores.

Night Curtain Model
Sliding Glass Cover Model

Standard Options For Island Freezer
Case length option: 1875mm(6ft.), 2500mm(8ft.) and 3750mm(12ft.), can be joined together according to user's needs.;
End case depth: 1100mm;
Cover: night curtain or sliding glass cover (front-back moving);
Top shelf: no top shelf, 1 tier and 2 tier added;
Shelf lighting: no shelf light, 1 tier or 2tier added at T8 fluorescent;
Optional Inner divider, painted wire;
End panel option: PU-glass end panel, PU end panel;
Available plastic price-tag;
Defrost: electrical heater;
Controller: CAREL brand, Easy series;
Expansion Valve: DANFOSS, balance mechanical thermal expansion valve;
Fan motor: EBM, conventional energy efficiency;
Refrigerant: R404a;
Color: RAL standard.

Energy Saving Designs (Optional)
LED light for top shelf;
High Efficiency Fans with CAREL multifunctional controller;
Hot Gas Defrosting.

Intelligent Control Designs(Optional)
CAREL MPX Controller with thermal expansion valve (TEV);
CAREL MPX Controller with electronic expansion valve (EEV).

Technical Specifications of the Island Freezer
1. Night Curtain Model

Case Length Cover Option Model Number Dimension, mm Display Area, m2 Capacity, dm3
18 (1875mm) Night Curtain DD-E7HSD-F183Y-01 1875x2030x950 3.27 1,144
25 (2500mm) Night Curtain DD-E7HSD-F253Y-01 2500x2030x950 4.79 1,525
37 (3750mm) Night Curtain DD-E7HSD-F373Y-01 3750x2030x950 7.17 2,288
End Case (1100mm) Night Curtain DD-E7HF-F193Y-01 1100x2030x950 1.74 584
2. Sliding Glass Cover Model
Case Length Cover Option Model Number Dimension, mm Display Area, m2 Capacity, dm3
18 (1875mm) Sliding Glass Cover DD-E7HSD-F183Q-01 1875x2030x1060 3.22 1,144
25 (2500mm) Sliding Glass Cover DD-E7HSD-F253Q-01 2500x2030x1060 4.25 1,525
37 (3750mm) Sliding Glass Cover DD-E7HSD-F373Q-01 3750x2030x1060 6.35 2,288
End Case (1100mm) Sliding Glass Cover DD-E7HF-F193Q-01 1100x2030x1060 1.52 584
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