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Double Air Curtain Multideck Display Cabinets

As with our other refrigerated display equipment, Xiaoya's double air curtain multideck display cabinet is highly favored by supermarkets. It is designed with a three-gear temperature setting of M1(-1 to 5℃) for seafood and fresh meat, M2(-1 to 7℃) for beverages, milk, and cooked foods like sausages, and H1(1 to 10℃).

This multideck display chiller has been widely used to preserve and display products in supermarkets, chain stores, etc. To meet customers' different needs, we also provide multiple options for the commercial refrigerator's major components.

Products Show and Dimensional Diagrams
Wide Model-Maryland
Medium Wide Model-Mclean

Standard Models for the Double Air Curtain Multideck Display Cabinet
Two standard models of this air curtain multideck display chiller are available for customers. They are:
Maryland(Wide Type): width: 1085mm, shelf width: 500mm;
Mclean(Medium Wide Type): width: 940mm, shelf width: 400mm.

Options for the Double Air Curtain Multideck Display Cabinet
Length: 1875mm, 2200mm, 2500mm & 3750mm, can be joined together according to user's needs;
Height: 2030mm, 2180mm;
Optional Height of Front Edge: Low front: 350mm, Low front: 350mm with vertical glass 120mm, Medium front :450mm;
End panel: all view glass end panel, PU end panel, PU end panel with inner mirror;
Shelf option: 4 rows and 1 bottom for height 2030mm, 5 rows and 1 bottom for height 2180mm;
Light: canopy, shelf at T8 fluorescent;
PVC night curtain;
Plastic combo shelf-stop and price-tag;
Defrost: electrical heating;
Controller: CAREL brand, Easy series;
Expansion Valve: DANFOSS, balance mechanical thermal expansion valve;
Fan motor: EBM, conventional energy efficiency;
Refrigerant: R404a.

Features and Benefits of the Double Air Curtain Multideck Display Cabinets
1. With a double air curtain design which uses hermetic circulation technology, this multideck cabinet freezer reduces energy consumption by up to 35% compared to traditional display fridges;
2. With a low front edge design of up to 350mm, the refrigeration equipment displays products well;
3. Shelves have adjustable angles for more versatile displaying;
4. A balance heating expansion valve increases the utilization rate of evaporator;
5. Equipped with a panoramic glass end panel, this double air curtain multideck display cabinet has a large display area;
6. Plastic or fibrous night curtain can be provided upon request;
7. Its bottom shelves, back plates, and fan's cover plate are easily dissembled;
8. Its wires are carefully arranged for operational convenience;
9. Filter mounted at the drainage inlet prevents the drain system from being blocked;
10. A fuse in the electrical control box is easy to replace during maintenance;
11. Canopy light and shelf light can be controlled separately to save energy;
12. Refrigerants, like CO2 and glycol, and hot gas defrosting can be adopted for energy conservation and environmental protection.

Technical Specifications of the Double Air Curtain Multideck Display Cabinets
1. Maryland Model

Case Length Case Height Front Edge Model Number Display Area, m2 Capacity, dm3
18(1875mm) 20(2030mm) 3 (350mm) BZ-E7ML-F18203Y-01 3.3 1,696
22(2200mm) 20(2030mm) 3 (350mm) BZ-E7ML-F22203Y-01 3.87 1,991
25(2500mm) 20(2030mm) 3 (350mm) BZ-E7ML-F25203Y-01 4.4 2,262
37(3750mm) 20(2030mm) 3 (350mm) BZ-E7ML-F37203Y-01 6.6 3,393
18(1875mm) 22(2180mm) 4(450mm) BZ-E7ML-F18224Y-01 3.42 1,877
22(2200mm) 22(2180mm) 4(450mm) BZ-E7ML-F22224Y-01 4.01 2,203
25(2500mm) 22(2180mm) 4(450mm) BZ-E7ML-F25224Y-01 4.56 2,503
37(3750mm) 22(2180mm) 4(450mm) BZ-E7ML-F37224Y-01 6.83 3,755
2. Mclean Model
Case Length Case Height Front edge Model Number Display Area, m 2 Capacity, dm3
18(1875mm) 20(2030mm) 4 (450mm) BZ-E7MK-F18204Y-01 2.87 1310
22(2200mm) 20(2030mm) 4 (450mm) BZ-E7MK-F22204Y-01 3.37 1537
25(2500mm) 20(2030mm) 4 (450mm) BZ-E7MK-F25204Y-01 3.83 1746
37(3750mm) 20(2030mm) 4 (450mm) BZ-E7MK-F37204Y-01 5.75 2620
18(1875mm) 22(2180mm) 3 (350mm) BZ-E7MK-F18223Y-01 3.32 1434
22(2200mm) 22(2180mm) 3 (350mm) BZ-E7MK-F22223Y-01 3.89 1682
25(2500mm) 22(2180mm) 3 (350mm) BZ-E7MK-F25223Y-01 4.43 1912
37(3750mm) 22(2180mm) 3 (350mm) BZ-E7MK-F37223Y-01 6.64 2868
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