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Multideck Display Fridge

    1. Low Height Multideck Display Cabinet

      Length: 1250mm, 1875mm, 2500mm & 3750mm, can be joined together according to user's needs;
      Low front Edge: up to 356mm;
      End panel: all view Arc glass end panel, PU end panel;

The multideck display fridge is among the most commonly used commercial refrigeration equipment in the retail industry. Temperature settings for these refrigerated display cases include MI( -1 to 5℃) for seafood and fresh meat, M2(-1 to 7℃) for beverages, milk, and cooked foods like sausages, and H(1 to 10℃) for fruits and vegetables.

Specifications of the Multideck Display Fridge
Xiaoya provides three models of multideck display chillers to meet customers' differing needs. The double air-curtain model is 1,875mm(6 ft.), low front edge model is 2,500mm(8ft.), and the ladder “all view” model is 3,750mm(12ft.). Head cases are also available.

Optional Energy Saving Designs
LED lamp
High efficiency fan
Hot gas defrosting

Intelligent Control Option
CAREL MPX Controller with thermal expansion valve (TEV)
CAREL MPX Controller with electronic expansion valve (EEV)