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Ultra-thin Glass Door Freezer / Glass Door Chiller

Style: Miami
Among the retail display fridges Xiaoya provides, this ultra-thin glass door freezer is featured with slim body design. Its temperature settings include -18 to -22℃ for the freezer which stores frozen food, ice cream, sea food and etc, and -1 to 5℃ for the refrigerator compartment which is used for the preservation of beverage, milk products, sausages and cooked food and so on.

Given its shapely looking and good refrigeration performance, this glass door chiller has been considered a choice refrigeration equipment for retail enterprises, like supermarkets, chain stores, bread shops, etc.

Standard Options for Ultra-thin Glass Door Freezer
Temperature Setting: for freezer: at -18 to -22℃, for chiller: at -1 to 5℃;
Door/Length: 2Door/1500mm, 3Door/2250mm, 4Door/3000mm, & 5Door/3750mm, can be joined together according to user’s needs.
Height: 2030mm, 2230mm;
Super Low front Edge: up to 260mm;
End panel: PU-glass end panel, PU end panel;
Standard wire mesh shelf: 4 rows and 1 bottom for height 2030mm, 5 rows and 1 bottom for height 2230mm;
Light: Door light at T8 fluorescent;
Available plastic combo shelf-stop and price-tag;
Defrost: electrical heater;
Controller: CAREL brand, Easy series ;
Expansion Valve: DANFOSS, balance mechanical thermal expansion valve;
Fan motor: EBM, conventional energy efficiency;
Refrigerant: R404a.

Dimension Diagrams

Features and Benefits of the Ultra-Thin Glass Door Freezer
1. With its super slim design, the cabinet body is only 750mm thick and requires 60% less space compared with island freezers of the same storage capacity, helping users make full use of their supermarket space.
2. The distribution design for cooling air ensures uniform refrigeration performance and consistent temperatures within the freezer;
3. Its door frame is designed to have a one-piece structure to avoid making seams between the doors and its frame;
4. Equipped with an anti-fogging glass door and vertical door light, this supermarket refrigerator enhances the effect of the display;
5. The glass door of this commercial refrigerator has a limit to how far it can open and will automatically close, making it easy to use;
6. The glass door, made of multilayered insulation glass, effectively prevents heat transmission and saves up to 50% energy consumption compared to traditional open freezers;
7. The multideck wire-shelves can be combined upon request, and shelf angle can be adjusted for a different display effect;
8. The electronic ballast also saves energy and avoids the necessity of a flashing light;
9. This upright display cooler has a unique evaporator design to eliminate frosting, and the hot gas defrost saves energy;
10. The bottom shelves, back plates and fan cover plate are easy to dissemble, making daily inspection and maintenance more convenient;
11. CO2 and glycol can be used for energy conservation and environmental protection.
12. Fuse is mounted in the control box for the sake of operation safety and easy inspection and maintenance.

Technical Specifications of the Ultra-Thin Glass Door Freezer
Type Door Case Length Case Height Chiller Model Display Area, m2 Capacity, dm3
Chiller 2Door 15(1500mm) 2030mm BZ-E7MA-F1520-01 1.43 690
Chiller 3Door 22(2250mm) 2030mm BZ-E7MA-F2220-01 2.15 1,035
Chiller 4Door 30(3000mm) 2030mm BZ-E7MA-F3020-01 2.86 1,380
Chiller 5Door 37(3750mm) 2030mm BZ-E7MA-F3720-01 3.58 1,725
Type Door Case Length Case Height Freezer Model Display Area, m2 Capacity, dm3
Freezer 2Door 15(1500mm) 2230mm BD-E7MA-F1522-01 1.61 795
Freezer 3Door 22(2250mm) 2230mm BD-E7MA-F2222-01 2.42 1,193
Freezer 4Door 30(3000mm) 2230mm BD-E7MA-F3022-01 3.21 1,590
Freezer 5Door 37(3750mm) 2230mm BD-E7MA-F3722-01 4.04 1,986
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