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Curved Glass Serve Over Counter

Style: Alaska
The curved glass serve over counter is a common supermarket freezer. Xiaoya's two models of this curved glass display fridge are the liftable curved glass cover model and the flat, open model. With a temperature setting range from 0 to 5℃, the refrigerated display cabinet is widely used for beverages, meat, cooked foods, dairy products, etc., in supermarkets, chain stores and kitchens.

Liftable Arc Glass Cover Type
Flat Open Type

Standard Options of Curved Glass Serve Over Counter
Length: 1250mm,1875mm, 2500mm & 3750mm, can be joined together according to user's needs;
Case width: 1180mm;
Cover: liftable glass cover or flat open (no cover);
Available plastic price-tag;
Available light on canopy of liftable glass cover model;
Visible plates inside the cabinet: steel plate painted in accordance with industrial standards, 304 stainless steel plate optional;
Socket and supporter of electronic scale available;
Defrost: electrical heater;
Controller: CAREL brand, Easy series;
Expansion Valve: DANFOSS, balance mechanical thermal expansion valve;
Fan motor: EBM, conventional energy efficiency;
Refrigerant: R404a;
Color: RAL standard.

Optional Energy Saving Designs for Curved Glass Serve Over Counter
Canopy LED light for liftable glass cover model

Optional Intelligent Control Designs for Curved Glass Serve Over Counter
CAREL MPX Controller with thermal expansion valve (TEV);
CAREL MPX Controller with electronic expansion valve (EEV).

Features of the Curved Glass Serve Over Counter
1. The curved glass cover of this display fridge can be lifted up for easy cleaning. The flat open model without a cover allows customers to choose products themselves;
2. This serve over fridge uses a tempered curved glass, which is highly resistant to impact. Equipped with an anti-condensation fan, it is excellent for displaying products;
3. The distribution design of the three-layer air curtain optimizes the refrigerator's performance and keeps it free of frost fogging the view;
4. The unique stepped sliding door, mounted on the upper back wall, is easy to operate;
5. Electrical socket for electronic scale is optional;
6. Remote control system is available and can be used for real-time monitoring the serve over counter;
7. 90 degree inner corner and 90 degree outer corner are available. They are designed to meet different supermarket layouts;
8. The bottom shelves, back plates and fan cover plate of this commercial fridge are easily dissembled, making daily inspection and maintenance more convenient;
9. Drainage system with filter net effectively prevents blockages.
10. All visible components inside the cabinets, including the bottom plate, back inner plate, air outlet, and air inlet can be made of stainless steel upon request.

Technical Specifications of the Curved Glass Serve Over Counter
Case Length Cover Option Model Number Dimension, mm Display Area, m2 Capacity, dm3
12 (1250mm) Liftable Glass Cover FZ-E6AL-F12K-02 1250x1180x1151 0.90 165
18 (1875mm) Liftable Glass Cover FZ-E6AL-F18K-02 1875x1180x1151 1.30 248
25 (2500mm) Liftable Glass Cover FZ-E6AL-F25K-02 2500x1180x1151 1.90 330
37 (3750mm) Liftable Glass Cover FZ-E6AL-F37K-02 3750x1180x1151 2.60 495
Outer Corner Liftable Glass Cover FZ-E6WA-F90K-02 1254x1254x1151 0.98 180
Inner Corner Liftable Glass Cover FZ-E6NA-F90G-02 1254x1254x1151 0.98 180
Case Length Cover Option Model Number Dimension, mm Display Area, m2 Capacity, dm3
12 (1250mm) Flat Open/No Cover FZ-E6AL-F12P-02 1250x1180x860 1.20 165
18 (1875mm) Flat Open/No Cover FZ-E6AL-F18P-02 1875x1180x860 1.70 248
25 (2500mm) Flat Open/No Cover FZ-E6AL-F25P-02 2500x1180x860 2.40 330
37 (3750mm) Flat Open/No Cover FZ-E6AL-F37P-02 3750x1180x860 3.60 495
Outer Corner Flat Open/No Cover FZ-E6WA-F90P-02 1254x1254x860 1.30 180
Inner Corner Flat Open/No Cover FZ-E6NA-F90P-02 1254x1254x860 1.30 180
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