Hot Food Display Cabinet

Style: Alaska-hot
Equipped with a curved glass cover, this hot food display cabinet comes in two models, the dry heat model and the moist heat model. The dry heated cabinet is used to store and display baked, smoked, pan fried and deep fried food at 60 to 65℃; the moist heated cabinet is used for boiled food and stir-fried food with juices at a 60 to 65℃.Due to its excellent heating and display performance, this warming display case has become ideal for showcasing hot food and is widely used in supermarkets.

Standard Options for Hot Food Display Cabinet
Length: 1250mm,1875mm, 2500mm & 3750mm, can be joined together according to user's needs.
Case width: 1180mm;
Heating mode: dry heated, moist heated;
Available plastic price-tag;
Available light under canopy;
Available 304 stainless steel plate (L355×W325×D65mm), qty. 6pcs for 1250mm, 10pcs for 1875mm, 14pcs for 2500mm, 20pcs for 3750mm;
Optional socket and supporter of electronic scale;
Heated: electrical heater;
Controller: CAREL brand, Easy series;
Fan motor: EBM, conventional energy efficiency;
Color: RAL standard;
Canopy LED light is optional.

Drawing of Hot Food Display Cabinet

  • Dry Heated Model
  • Moist Heated Model

Features of the Hot Food Display Cabinet
1. Based on the patented technology of hot air circulation heating modes, this heated display cabinet maintains uniform temperature and provides ideal storage conditions to keep hot foods fresh. The display cabinet also saves energy, requiring 30% less energy than other models.
2. The moist heated cabinet adopts a water heating system which helps provide uniform heating inside the cabinet. An automatic water supply device makes this serve over counter easy to operate;
3.The heating and lighting system of this display counter are controlled by separate controllers for easy operation and energy efficiency;
4. The large toughened arc glass cover can lifted for easy cleaning;
5. The unique stepped sliding door, mounted on the upper back panel of this heated food counter, is easy to use;
6. An electronic socket for an electronic scale is available upon request.
7. Drainage system with filter net effectively prevents blockages.

Technical Specifications of the Hot Food Display Cabinet
Case Length Application Type Model Number Dimension, mm Display Area, m2 Capacity, dm3
12 (1250mm) Dry Heated FR-E6AL-G12K-02 1250x1180x1151 0.9 165
18 (1875mm) Dry Heated FR-E6AL-G18K-02 1875x1180x1151 1.3 248
25 (2500mm) Dry Heated FR-E6AL-G25K-02 2500x1180x1151 1.8 330
37 (3750mm) Dry Heated FR-E6AL-G37K-02 3750x1180x1151 2.6 495
Case Length Application Type Model Number Dimension, mm Display Area, m2 Capacity, dm3
12 (1250mm) Moist Heated FR-E6AL-S12K-01 1250x1180x1151 0.9 165
18 (1875mm) Moist Heated FR-E6AL-S18K-01 1875x1180x1151 1.3 248
25 (2500mm) Moist Heated FR-E6AL-S25K-01 2500x1180x1151 1.8 330
37 (3750mm) Moist Heated FR-E6AL-S37K-01 3750x1180x1151 2.6 495
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