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Serve Over Counters

    1. Curved Glass Serve Over Counter

      Visible plates inside the cabinet: steel plate painted in accordance with industrial standards, 304 stainless steel plate optional;
      Expansion Valve: DANFOSS, balance mechanical thermal expansion valve;

    1. Flat Glass Serve Over Counter

      Length: 1250mm, 1875mm, 2500mm & 3750mm, can be joined together according to user's needs;
      Cover: vertical front glass or flat open (no cover);
      Available light on canopy of liftable glass cover model;

    1. Hot Food Display Cabinet

      Available 304 stainless steel plate (L355×W325×D65mm), qty. 6pcs for 1250mm, 10pcs for 1875mm, 14pcs for 2500mm, 20pcs for 3750mm;
      Optional socket and supporter of electronic scale;