Multideck Chiller

  • New York-Night Curtain Type
  • New York-Glass Door Type

Style: New York
Xiaoya is a leading Chinese manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment. Among a variety of refrigerated display cabinets, our multideck chiller keeps temperatures between -1℃ to 7℃ and is applicable for preserving and displaying foods, meats, fruits, vegetables and beverages. It's widely used by supermarkets, chain stores, shopping malls, and convenience stores. To cater to the different needs of each of these places, we provide two models of this multideck display fridge: the night curtain model and the glass door model.

Standard Options of Multideck Chiller
Length: three specs on length, 1250mm/2Door, 1875mm/3Door, 2500mm/4Door
Height: 2000mm
Shelf: angle-adjustable, 4 tier + 1 bottom
Light: canopy and shelf with T8 fluorescent lamp for night curtain type, door light for glass door type
End panel: PU-glass end panel
Type: self-contained, self-evaporating design
Defrost: natural defrost, without electrical heater
Controller: CAREL Brand
Compressor: ASPERA Brand
Refrigerant: R404a
Color: RAL Standard for steel parts

Optional Items for the Multideck Chiller
LED light for energy saving
High-efficiency fan for energy saving
Heavy duty castors

Dimension diagram of night curtain type
Dimension diagram of glass door type

Features of the Multideck Chiller
1. With a slim design, this multideck freezer cabinet occupies little space;
2. The glass door design significantly reduces the cooling loss and reduces 60% energy consumption;
cooling capacity also saves up to 60% of energy;
3. This display chiller is equipped with hardened glass that is strong and aesthetically pleasing. A panoramic view allows customers to easily see all products;
4. For the sake of easy maintenance, we have adopted a removable compressor unit;
5. The multi-layered shelf can be combined upon request and has an adjustable angle;
6. This commercial refrigerator adopts an easy-to-use self-evaporating mechanism so it is free of condensation;
7. LED light and high-efficiency fan can be incorporated to save energy consumption;
8. Heavy duty castors with braking devices are optional and make the cabinet easier to move.

Technical Specifications of the Multideck Chiller
Case Length Case Type Model Number Size, LxWxH, mm Capacity, L Display Area, m2 Running Temp. ℃
12(1250mm) Night curtain BZ-E7NY-Z12204Y-02 1250x780x2000 725 1.7 - 1 to 7
18(1875mm) Night curtain BZ-E7NY-Z18204Y-02 1875x780x2000 1,080 2.6 - 1 to 7
25(2500mm) Night curtain BZ-E7NY-Z25204Y-02 2500x780x2000 1,450 3.4 - 1 to 7
Case Length Case Type Model Number Size, LxWxH, mm Capacity, L Display Area, m2 Running Temp. ℃
2Door/1250mm Glass door BZ-E7NY-Z12204S-02 1250x725x2000 725 1.59 - 1 to 5
3Door/1875mm Glass door BZ-E7NY-Z18204S-02 1875x725x2000 1,080 2.24 - 1 to 5
4Door/2500mm Glass door BZ-E7NY-Z25204S-02 2500x725x2000 1,450 2.97 - 1 to 5
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