Glass Door Freezer/Glass Door Chiller

Xiaoya provides two types of glass door refrigerated display cabinets: the glass door freezer and the glass door chiller. The chiller can maintain inside temperatures between -1℃ to 7℃, and works for preserving and displaying all kinds of milk products and drinks. The freezer model is designed with a temperature setting ranging from -18℃ to -22℃, and is applicable for ice cream and frozen food.

Standard Options for Glass Door Freezer/ Glass Door Chiller
Chiller Length: 2 Door /1330mm, 3 Door /1955 mm
Freezer Length: 2 Door /1350 mm, 3 Door / 1975 mm
Depth: 875 mm
Height: 2026 mm
Shelf: depth 440mm, 4 tier + 1 bottom
Door Light: T8 fluorescent lamp
Door Frame: one-piece door frame with electrical heater
End panel: PU end panel
Type: self-contained with compressor
Defrost: electrical heater
Condensed Water: self-evaporating design
Compressor Unit: can be push-pull moving
Compressor: Lanhai Brand
Controller: CAREL Brand
Refrigerant: R404a
Color: RAL Standard for steel parts
LED door light optional, energy saving

Dimension Diagram

Features of the Glass Door Freezer/ Glass Door Chiller
1. The high-quality compressor and finned evaporator makes this retail display chiller efficient and energy-saving;
2. Equipped with a tempered glass door with an electric heater strip, this commercial catering equipment has an elegant appearance and excellent antifogging performance;
3. The shelf space of this glass door refrigerator can be adjusted, allowing users to make full use of the display area;
4. Electronic controller is adopted for easy control and operation;
5. The compressor unit is designed to be removable, helping make maintenance easier;
6. One-piece door frame design ensures no seam between the door and the frame;
7. A high and low pressure controller can be provided to promote safety while the system is in operation.

Technical Specifications of the Glass Door Freezer/ Glass Door Chiller
Case Length Case Type Model Number Size, LxWxH, mm Capacity, L Display Area, m2 Running Temp.℃
13(1330mm) Chiller BZ-E7FN-Z1320-01 1330x875x2026 663 1.3 -1 to 7
19(1955mm) Chiller BZ-E7FN-Z1920-01 1955x875x2026 984 1.96 -1 to 7
Case Length Case Type Model Number Size, LxWxH, mm Capacity, L Display Area, m2 Running Temp. ℃
13(1350mm) Freezer BD-E7FN-Z1320-01 1350x875x2026 663 1.3 -22 to -18
19(1975mm) Freezer BD-E7FN-Z1920-01 1975x875x2026 984 1.96 -22 to -18
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