Commercial Island Freezer

  • Flat Open Type
  • Sliding Glass Cover Type

Style: New Calgary
Commercial island freezers are frequencly used refrigeration equipment in the retail industry. Xiaoya provides two types of island freezers for customers, one with a sliding glass cover and the other with a flat open freezer. Both freezers can maintain an inside temperature between -18 to -22℃ and be used for storing and displaying frozen foods, ice cream, seafood, etc.

Standard Options for Commercial Island Freezer
Length: 1580mm, 2080mm & 2580mm;
Cover: flat open type without cover, sliding glass cover
Optional inner divider: painted wire;
Type: self-contained/plug-in;
Defrost: automatic;
Controller: CAREL Brand;
Compressor: ASPERA Brand;
Refrigerant: R404a.
Color: white or grey

Features of the Commercial Island Freezer
1. An asymmetrical laminar air curtain effectively reduces the loss of cooling and humidity in the interior and external cabinets;
2.The cabinet body of this catering equipment is made of polyurethane with an integral foaming process, significantly reducing energy consumption;
3. Its evaporator, with a slim body and large surface area, efficiently cools the inner cabinet;
4. The self-evaporating water plate makes for easy operation;
5. A sliding glass cover can be added to this display fridge to save energy.

Dimension diagram of flat open type
Dimension diagram of sliding glass cover type
Technical Specifications of the Commercial Island Freezer
Case Length Model Number Size, L/W/H, mm Capacity, L Display Area, m 2 Cover
15 (1580mm) DD-KJ-Z15-01 1580/1042/945 300 1.25 flat open/no cover
20 (2080mm) DD-KJ-Z20-01 2080/1042/945 410 1.72 flat open/no cover
25 (2580mm) DD-KJ-Z25-01 2580/1042/945 530 2.19 flat open/no cover
Case Length Model Number Size, L/W/H, mm Capacity, L Display Area, m2 Cover
15 (1580mm) DD-KJ-Z15-Z-01 1580/1042/1024 300 1.22 sliding glass cover
20 (2080mm) DD-KJ-Z20-Z-01 2080/1042/1024 410 1.66 sliding glass cover
25 (2580mm) DD-KJ-Z25-Z-01 2580/1042/1024 530 2.09 sliding glass cover
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