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Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

    1. Island Freezer

      Commercial refrigerator uses a vortex cooling air curtain designed with an asymmetrical structure. It provides a uniform refrigeration effect and prevents the covers from frosting. The retail fridge's surface has been treated with an electrostatic spraying process.

    1. Multideck Display Fridge

      Multideck display fridge is among the most commonly used commercial refrigeration equipment in the retail industry. Temperature settings for these refrigerated display cases include MI( -1 to 5℃) for seafood and fresh meat, M2(-1 to 7℃) for beverages, milk.

    1. Glass Door Fridges

      Application: for freezer: at -18 to -22℃, for refrigerator: at -1 to 5℃;
      Door/Length: 2Door/1500mm, 3Door/2250mm, 4Door/3000mm, & 5Door/3750mm, can be joined together according to user's needs;
      Available plastic combo shelf-stop and price-tag;

    1. Serve Over Counters

      Length: 1250mm,1875mm, 2500mm & 3750mm, can be joined together according to user's needs;
      Visible plates inside the cabinet: steel plate painted in accordance with industrial standards, 304 stainless steel plate optional;

    1. Self-Contained Refrigeration System

      Length: three specs on length, 1250mm/2Door, 1875mm/3Door, 2500mm/4Door
      Light: canopy and shelf with T8 fluorescent lamp for night curtain type, door light for glass door type
      Defrost: natural defrost, without electrical heater

As a leading refrigeration equipment manufacturer in China, Xiaoya has developed multiple types of refrigerated display cabinets for the retail industry, such as refrigerating machines, island freezers, multideck display fridges, glass door fridges, and serve over counters.

Each of these refrigeration equipment and freezers is designed based on the E7 concept to be environmentally friendly, ergonomic, efficient, elegant, elaborate, expansible and easy to maintain. They are also reliably performing and energy efficient thanks to our energy-saving designs using LED lamps, efficient fans provided by EBM, double air-curtains and a hot gas defrosting device. This refrigeration equipment uses environmentally-friendly components such as a cyclopentane foaming device and CO2 and glycol refrigerants, as well as an intelligent control system like the remote monitor system that prevents the equipment from overwork.

Because of these advantages, our refrigeration equipment and freezers are widely used for preserving and displaying seafood, fruits, beverages, and medicine at well-known retail businesses around the world, including Wal-Mart, Vanguard, Park N Shop, Lotus Supermarket and Tesco. These products are also ideal commercial refrigerators for supermarkets, chain stores, shopping malls, and convenience stores.