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Xiaoya is a professional manufacturer of commercial laundry equipment and retail equipment and provides comprehensive and thorough services for designing, purchasing, installing, and maintaining your new front load washing machines, form finishers, dry cleaning machines, and display fridges. Our professional engineer team and international trade team work to provide you the following services.

1. Design and Technical Support
Our trade team and engineer team provide comprehensive design and technical support for the production of your customized laundry equipment, retail display chillers, etc.

2. Customized Solutions
Based on our research and years of experience, we provide effective solutions to customizing laundry rooms, refrigeration display cabinets, and more to meet your specific needs.

3. Installation Guide and Operation Training
To ensure that customers' machines are well installed and to help them master basic operation and maintenance, we provide necessary training and an installation guide. Customers or agents can send an engineer to our factory to train for the installation, operation and maintenance or we can send our technicians to the customer to give training.

4. Spare Parts Service
Spare parts will be provided throughout the lifespan of your equipment to ensure a smooth operation. Standard parts can be delivered within three days. For special or customized parts, this production circle can take 30 days.

5. OEM Services
With our advanced production equipment and skilled workers, Xiaoya can provide OEM services and first-rate household washing machines, industrial and commercial laundry equipment, refrigeration display cabinets, and more.

6. After-Sales Service
After years of building distribution centers across the country, we have established a professional and experienced installation and after-sales team. These centers also service our overseas counterparts, selling their products and providing installation and after-sale services.