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Why us
  • Enterprise Strength

  • As a large state-owned enterprise in Jinan City, Shandong LittleDuck Group has five major subsidiaries making household appliances, laundry equipment, retail display fridges, automotive precision machinery, and exporting and importing products. Besides the laundry equipment company which is set up in the Penglai district of Yantai in Shandong Province, the remaining four companies and LittleDuck's headquarter are located in Jinan, the capital city of Shandong Province.

    Our precise machinery company, Shangdong Xiaoya Precise Machinery Co., Ltd, is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the R&D and manufacturing of advanced processing equipment for the automobile industry, making automobile molds, wheel molds, production equipment for sheet metal automobile parts, intelligent wheel production lines and NC equipment. Moreover, we provide customized solutions to the wheel production line based upon customers' request. For more please visit:

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  • Service

  • 1. Design and Technical Support
    Our trade team and engineer team provide comprehensive design and technical support for the production of your customized laundry equipment, retail display chillers, etc.

    2. Customized Solutions
    Based on our research and years of experience, we provide effective solutions to customizing laundry rooms, refrigeration display cabinets, and more to meet your specific needs.

    3. Installation Guide and Operation Training
    To ensure that customers' machines are well installed and to help them master basic operation and maintenance, we provide necessary training and an installation guide. Customers or agents can send an engineer to our factory to train for the installation, operation and maintenance or we can send our technicians to the customer to give training.

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  • Recruiting Partners

  • 1. More than 3 years of experience in sales, installation and services of products we have provided.

    2. Excellent marketing and communication skills, knowledge of running a business, good commercial reputation.

    3. At least two professional engineers on staff who can master knowledge of electric equipment, infrastructural projects, and water supply and drainage projects and who are proficient in the installation, operation and maintenance of related equipment.

    Cooperation Category
    Regional Agent (Common)
    Regional Exclusive Agent
    OEM Partner
    Global Strategic Partner

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