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Founded in 1979, Shandong Xiaoya Group has experienced four major stages of development: creating the brand from 1979 to 1984, upgrading our technology from 1984 to 1996, developing diversification of our products from 1996 to 2003, and expanding internationally beginning in 2003. Our efforts at each of these stages have helped us get to where we are now and laid a solid foundation for continued success.

Brand Creation (1979-1984)
On August 30th, 1979, Jinan Washing Machine Factory was founded and started producing washing machines based on foreign counterparts. We developed the first 1.5kg single-tube washing machine in China and branded it with the Xiaya trademark. It's been a best seller ever since its release and our company begin to grow steadily.

Technological Upgrades (1984-1996)
In March 1984, Jinan Washing Machine Factory partnered with CIFIC (China International Trust Investment Company) to introduce advanced technology and equipment from Italy and create production lines for manufacturing the first front loading washing machine in Asia. With this pioneering action, we sparked new trends in the consumer reports and technological innovation of the laundry equipment industry. Later we developed the XQ-831 and TEMA832 series of automatic front loading washing machines and the first hot and cold front loading washers, energy-saving front loading washers and anti-crease loading washers in Asia. We were also the first company successfully certified by ISO9001 international quality management system standards and the only enterprise that gained two industrial certifications issued by domestic and foreign authoritative institutions at that time. Later, Xiaoya was certified by the GS Mark in Germany, CE Mark in Europe, and UL Mark in the US, and began to expand to markets in Europe. The success in the development and sales of our front loading washers not only grew our business financially but also facilitated the diversification of our development through technical innovation.

Diversification Development (1996-2003)
Based on our technological experience, we established early on a business pattern of diversified development led by household laundry machines. During this phase, we partnered with internationally known enterprises, such as Toshiba in Japan to jointly develop a fullly automatic top loading washing machine, and introduced advanced manufacturing technology from Italy for refrigeration display cases. Then we built a 26,000 square meter factory for the production of retail equipment such as household washing machines, laundry equipment, retail refrigeration equipment, chest freezers and electric heater. Xiaoya was no longer a single factory, and so we became a corporate group that had five subsidiaries and a total asset of over 3.89 billion RMB.

In 1998, our value-adding services won first place in management achievement in China. The second year, our Chinese brand Xiaoya was officially named a "Famous Chinese Trademark: by China's State Administration for Industry. In the same year, we set up a national post-doctoral work station, and in 2001, our front loading washer was named a "Famous Chinese Product.: Diversifying our focus allowed our business to grow exponentially and prepared the way for international partnerships.

International Development (2003-Present)
Supported by several national-level post-doctoral scientific research stations, provincial-level technical and engineering centers, and other academic institutions, Xiaoya's R&D team has developed such advanced equipment as automatic washing machines, finishing tables, retail refrigerators, die making equipment and steel wheel manufacturing lines. Today, we have a total of 47 patents, including 4 for inventions. We also participated in the draft of industrial standards for laundry equipment, commercial display fridges, and commercial refrigerators. Over the years, we have become a leading enterprise owning advanced technologies to make energy saving, environmentally-friendly and intelligently-controlled equipment.

Through OEM orders, international distribution and other partnerships, we are increasingly expanding our network to cover Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and other countries and regions. Since 2003, we have been investing more in strategic partnerships with international counterparts, sharing resources and building off each other's successes. This has led us to sell our products to customers in over 40 countries and regions around the world, including Europe, America, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Russia, and Australia.